Monday 21 January, 2008

'Stupendous' Win

Cricketers are we, intrepid and bold
Out in the field, amongst the wonders untold
Equipped with our talent, a spirit and a knack
Searching for a win on the Perth track

The world gasps in horror as Spaceman Spiff's crew is immobilized at Sydney. A thousand miles away from their home, they must fix it themselves. Spiff clings tightly to his spaceship. One more loss will send them hurling into the horrors of the infinite beyond.

The heroes captured by the vicious Aussie knights are about to be transported to the labour camp at Perth. The Aussie knights are charged up as usual, daring the fools to come after them.

Spaceman Spiff's mind races furiously. The situation is desperate. This could be the end! What can we do?

He sees two aliens approaching, but in the blinding light he can hardly make it out. Are they friendly or hostile?

Our heroes hatch a bold plan, led by spaceman Spiff himself.

Impossible say some. Impossible? Nothing is impossible for the Spiff and his stupendous men.

With stupendous powers of team spirit, gaining stupendous momentum, stupendous men strike the ground with stupendous force. The Aussie knights are shaken.

Spiff and his stupendous men now have the strength of a billion mortal men. With muscles of magnitude, they fight with heroic resolve.

A blinding bolt of blazing crimson careens across the sky. Seconds later the amazing marvel alights upon and with stupendous strength, stupendous men target the Aussie knights with stupendous ease.

The knights are finally fried to a crunchy crisp. Their armour fused into a solid piece.

It's another daring escape for the intrepid Spaceman Spiff and his stupendous crew. No walls can hold our stupendous men.

The knights have been foiled again. Ha ha ha!

Secure in their fortress, Spiff and his stupendous men now plan their strategy for another day and another mind boggling adventure, at Adelaide.........

(Very much like the 'Ishaan Awasthi' of Taare Zameen Par, there is a bit of 'Calvin' inside each one of us. Indian team too found its own at Perth.)


Anonymous said...

Good post :) ~ Mukul

Anonymous said...

CG you are the third blogger who has a post filled with poetic and metaphoric melancholy :) after India's win... what's up with you guys... feeling all mushy and kushy eh... after KP, Soulberry and now you... good one... cheers

BTW: Have added you to my blogroll... I seem to have missed out a lot of people :(

Cricket Guru said...

Hi Mukul, Welcome to CaAt. Thanks.

There are many quality bloggers out here. Do take time to go through their blogs too. I bet you will stop reading the sports page in TOI from tomorrow! :)

Mushy and Kushy? Lol, Scopi!

Most of the text is from Calvin and Hobbes. So no credit to me afa this post is concerned.

straight point said...


its one of those wins that make you feel happy from within...and hence this mushy posts...

now that we have moved on what you suggest about the team?? any changes or would go for same combination??

Soulberry said...

Wonderful CG..Spaceman Spiff is teetering on the edge and he must fix his spaceship himself miles away from home. You like Calvin I presume? I do.

The funny thing was, even as I caught the match on a re-run, with the result already known, I had goosepimples all through it.

Scorpi man...kya jaanoge man! We are like those starved lifers of solitary confinement who have been let out for a walk after many decades. The sky is almost something one never saw before. Powerful emotions such as these do funny things to such prisoners of Indian cricket. :) Naa jaane chaar deewari mein kitna shayari kar daala, aaj thoda khule mein karne do naa...

But are they pooped out for the effort? I hope not...I hope they are neither overconfident nor satisfied. There's plenty of work to be done yet.

Cricket Guru said...

Thanks, SB. No doubt, there is plenty of work to be done. But Adelaide could be where they can pause for a moment and look back on their achievements with pride.


I have hopefully answered your queries in my post - The New Order?

Krish said...

Great to know that you are a Calvin and Hobbes fan! Couple of years back, I bought the full 3 set collection of C&H and our family is having a riot!

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