Monday 16 July, 2007

Q and A

Q: How many series has India played abroad, subcontinent included?
A: 59.

Q: How many times has India won the opening test of an away series?
A: India has won the opening test on just 10 occasions. This includes twice against Zimbabwe (2001 and 2005), thrice against Bangladesh (2000, 2004 and 2007), twice against the lowly placed New Zealand (1968 and 1976) and once each against England (1986), Pakistan (2004) and South Africa (2006).

Q: How many times has India lost the opening test of an away series?
A: 28 times, almost every second 'opening' test of the series.

Q: What about the ‘draw’ in the opening test?
A: Daft question. The answer is 59 (-) 10 (-) 28 = 21.

Q: Has India managed to draw any series after losing the opening test?
A: Yes, but only on two occasions. The first was against Greg Chappell’s Australia in 1981, courtesy, Gavaskar’s 'inability' to forfeit the match, Vishwanath’s century, Kapil Dev’s inspired bowling despite a thigh injury and Karsan Ghavri and Dilip Doshi’s crucial blows in the fourth innings. The second was against England in 2002, when the ever dependable Dravid and the long forgotten Sanjay Bangar ensured that a good toss won by their skipper did not go waste. On both occasions, India managed to draw the series 1-1 after losing the opening test.

Q: In last 75 years, has India ever managed to win a overseas series after losing the opening test?
A: No, never.

Q: What are the corresponding figures for the series in which India has managed to either draw or win the opening test?
A: The chances of an India winning the series or leveling it, increases manifold when India either wins or draws the first test of an overseas tour. India has shared the honours or won the series on 19 occasions, after drawing/winning the first test.

Q: Surely there must be times when India has lost the series even after drawing the first test?
A: Yes. Inspite of a ‘draw’ in the series opener, India has gone on to lose the series on 10 occasions. Last time was against Pakistan in 2006.

Q: Has India ever lost a series after winning the first test?
A: The slate was clean until the recent SA series, which India lost 2-1 after winning the Durban test.

Q: What is India’s record in England, series wise?
A: India has played 14 series in England before the current one. It has won 2 series, lost 11 and drawn 1. The two times they won the series are the ones in which they drew (1971) or won (1986) the opening test.

Q: Out of 14 series in England so far how, how many times have India lost the first test?
A: Twelve. India also went on to lose the series on 11 of those 12 occasions. The only time they avoided losing the series after losing the opening test in England was in 2002, as mentioned above.

Q: Does India’s record at Lords offer any hope for their fans?
A: Unfortunately, no. Out of 14 tests at Lords India has won just 1, lost 10 and drawn 3.

Q: Moral of the story?
A: Take care of the first test and the series, more often than not, will take care of itself.


Soulberry said...

Interesting facts, CG. They go on to confirm Dravid's seven batsmen, safety first firt-up approach is spot-on.

Dravid does appear to have studied the history of Indian cricket thoroughly...this much has to be granted to that highly intellectual person. The last West Indian series was an example of the success of this approach.

Rahul is ready to take the first blows, swing with them and draw out the sting of the opponent to strike when least expected and at such a time when there could be no coming back for the hosts. I expect stone-walling in the first two tests with seven bats and the five-bowler theory coming into force in the last test...a bit like flitting like the butterfly and stinging like a bee.

Samir Chopra said...

Just to back up Soulberry says, perhaps the pitches will have become drier by the third test, and India can then go ahead and play Powar for a double-spin attack.

Cricket Guru said...

We will most definitely see a twin spin attack in the third test.

The 'Australian' way of doing things would have meant that Dhoni sits out of the XI, irrespective of his form. His struggle behind the stumps has come as a blessing in disguise.

It would be less controversial to drop him under prevailing circumstances.

Anonymous said...

you have to look at the era.etc etc 1931 to 1952 england were like the bangladesh of the time. they really skews up the stats

I feel you should not weight urself down too much by stats.Just go out and play ur best game.Records are there to be broken.

About dhoni, i dont really think he has struggled behind the stmps, did pretty ok and has improved(from what I could tell from cricinfo) against england lions.

I would pick Yuvraj over Dhoni, but Kartick's job would become more difficult. Let him concentrate on opening

Anonymous said...

typo meant "india" not "england"

Cricket Guru said...

GB, India's record in those 20 years won't alter the overall stats much. For, they played only eight series in that span, three of which were at home.

Anonymous said...

CG, by twin spin attack you mean to say Kumble and Powar playing the third test match? Do you think Powar is test quality?


Anonymous said...

CG, by twin spin attack you mean to say Kumble and Powar playing the third test match? Do you think Powar is test quality?


Cricket Guru said...

Welcome The_Wall,

Yes, I meant Kumble and Powar when I spoke of the twin spin attack.

But that was before the test series started. Looking at our bowlers' performance thus far, I am now inclined to continue with the same attack (3 pacers + Kumble) for the Oval Test, Sreesanth's none so impressive bowling at Trent Bridge notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

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